David Excoffier

Conscious/subconscious social camouflage

Social camouflage is the pattern of the conscious/subconscious act of fear from enemy, the proud wearing of the colour of cowardice. The enemy has to recognize and admit the existence of such a skill that they themselves can’t perform. A spell that, they will automatically kill once the recognition has been achieved. With the strange sensation of a loss that will gradually fade away as their reality become their own once again.

Unfiltered organism

Open system (human being or mechanism) has to be capable of preserving its identity. It implies to be able to master permanently the relationships with their environment, entries and exits, to have access to a variety of behavior and to be able to undergo a certain evolution. Homeostasis is a dynamic-still stage in which the body is able of maintaining its morphology according to the outside disturbances. The way of integration, transformation and distribution of these new entries form the personality of the system. Denial of entries of the integration of elements hinders the flow of a system and will form elements of coagulation outside the system, known as filters, attracting more similar unprocessed information. Those elements will remain under this state until they’re getting integrated. The different coagulated element will be gather under a general label or etiquette.


The increasing distance which separates the objective reality from the imaginary creation makes it possible to manipulate the first by exploiting the second for the benefit of the strongest. Physical re-sense of the Language-info-barrier. Hypothesis of Formative Causation for social behaviour.
The code proficiency as a judgment of value of the quality/rank of the emitter. Formatted-content predominant on content-quality. Induction code. Linking-words can overpass the execution of mental bridges, metamorphism of objects and condensation of thoughts. The seductive form of language forces oneself to accept a discourse.


Language-barrier is the impossibility of transposition of a cognitive map from one language to another one. A cognitive map is defined by a numerous of vectors and no static point. The reciprocal distance between those is what defines the cognitive space. Their location as geometric operation of ‘translation’ doesn’t require a scale, a referral or orientation. The assumption of the incapacity of the receiver, the refusal of the sharing of a cognitive map, is abusively using the term ‘language-barrier’ as an excuse. The term ‘Language-no-origin’ refers to the incapacity of the transmitter to understand the origin points of the vectors of its cognitive space, and thus the incapacity to predict their movement and point of collision.

Occurrence topology

Occurrence is a computational term designing the similar result of the same pattern of causation at different time. The repetitive pattern of environment influencing the behaviour of an entity in a similar manner. The term topology define and refer to the scale of the area of analysis. Human is an occurrence of the earth. The product of a particular biology, environment causation. The more you reduce the scale of the topology ground, the more details are in common in the occurrences (genetically, visually, socially). Video games or Film effects use adequately occurrences to create the illusion of reality; a condensation process of synthesis to reduce diversity and mimic the capacity of the human brain to keep a small amount of relevant informations of ; social encounters, architecture experiences, descriptive ability.


According to pre-established rules, the first requirement is to know the code. A code-language can be modified by all, even untrained users. Failure is modification. Number of discursive language has the ideology to work on a closed system in which the referent is centralized.
The spoken language is the sonic result of the synchronized movements of blowing air from the lungs to the mouth, deforming the air by the eight muscles of the tongue, the lips and the jaw in a recognizable sound by a receiver. The accent of a language varies by the modulation of those settings, and the pre-coded body-movement learnt—a previous language. The morphology of an individual influences also the tone, pitch, and duration of the sound. It is the adaptability of the receiver that determine the minimum requirements. The more adaptable the receiver is, the lower the code’s proficiency of the emitter can be.


In the embodiment of languages, dictionaries are the most camouflaged element. Not made for texts, it is made of the essence of language itself. Its writers are plurals and the only mark of belongings would be the name of the edition of the dictionary. The tone is authoritative but one cannot go against such a soft power, the chosen order represent a gesture of randomness, the simpler that human mind can come up with.