David Excoffier

"New body, unknown numbers of limbs #1" was curated by Stereoskop_ -- a platform that decided to create an online performance event in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In "New body, unknown numbers of limbs", gestures are under the scrutiny of the "Eyes in the Sky", an algorithm using a Langrangian method to decipher violent behaviour (and thus in this case violent content) from 2D images. The first part of the performance used a form of shadow play, prelude to the cinema and then surveillance technology and a reminder how early AI was trained to detect and cut out shapes from their background image.

The narration takes place in the form of a spider - a Goliath birdeater - fused inside the hollow gap of David's chest. The hands of the performer control the legs of the spider, while the spider define itself as an "anger management device using a venom to slow down the heartbeats and knowing anger very well as its sole view provoke constant violent retribution". The third part is the projection of a multi-limbs avatar created with a 3D motion capture camera filming research sessions about triggering a sense of anger through breathing techniques.

The performance had 2 attempts of being broadcast but both end up being blocked by YouTube despite respect of resepect of the Users Guidelines.

Other artists included during the event:
Charlotte Arnhold / David Excoffier / Monica Germann / William Amaya Torres / Pleasure Pool